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  1. Walk the area you want to enclose
  2. Count your steps
  3. Multiply your steps by 2.5x

When in doubt, get a 6 foot tall fence.

With just $85 of parts and 20 minutes of time, a Pet Playgrounds Dog Fence can easily be repaired. Watch how:

What does this video show? We wanted to show how strong and flexible our fence is, but we didn’t want to harm any dogs in the process. So, we asked Vinny, who is 220 pounds, to get into a dog suit and run into the fence at full speed.

This shows how strong and flexible our fence really is – and why it’s 98% effective.

The height of your gate will match the height of your Dog Fence and come in either 5, 8 and 14 foot widths.

If you are not using your house to complete one side of your fence, or if you have more than four (4) 90° angles then you will need to order an additional corner post kit.

Less than 10% of consumers need to do this as our kit is built to come with everything you need.

Our standard Dog Fence Kit has been engineered to withstand up to 2,900 pounds of pressure, which is perfect for most dogs. However there are some breeds (and some individual canine personalities) that seem to chew and destroy just about everything. For these dogs we added a third layer of protection: our 19 gauge, steel, vinyl coated, welded wire netting material. This is used in combination with our standard fencing materials which enable our MAX STRENGTH fence to withstand up to 4,000psi of pressure – making it virtually impossible for a dog to bite through.

A couple from Colorado purchased our DIY Dog Fence Kit and installed 900 linear feet of fencing on their rocky Colorado land for their 2 awesome dogs.

In case you’re wondering – no we didn’t ask them to do this. We came across their video on YouTube. Their full review is 33 minutes long. Check it out if you have the time.

Don’t want to watch the entire 18-minute DIY Dog Fence video? Skip to the Installation Chapter that interests you.

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