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Our featured testimonial is from Sandy, a foster pet parent from Connecticut Pet Rescue. She shows how our fence can be installed with a difficult backyard. Sandy also tells the story of how her invisible underground dog fence worked for 3 years, but stopped working for Tazy when she learned that all she had to do was run through a 5 second shock.

DIY Customer Review

Wife & Husband Dog Lovers

A husband and wife purchased our DIY dog fence kit and installed 900 linear feet of fencing on their rocky uneven Colorado land for their 2 awesome dogs. Here’s a video of their experience installing the fencing system. This is a great way to see if you’d like to install your own fence or if you’d like a professional to install it instead. It also shows just how happy they are with the product and how their two dogs love their new Pet Playgrounds dog fence enclosure.

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PETA approved Dog Fence

We shipped PETA a 5 foot dog fence kit with a gate. PETA found a family that had 2 dogs that were living on a leash. Like PETA, Pet Playgrounds believes all dogs deserve to run free so we were ecstatic that our dog fencing system was going to be used to improve the life of 2 wonderful dogs. Read PETA’s blog post about their experience.


Adam Boardman

“One of our dogs is an escape artist and kept escaping our fenced in yard. Over the fence, under the fence, she would find a way to get out to chase the deer running through the woods behind our house. Mostly, we were worried about her safety but it was also very embarrassing. I am a local veterinarian and I was constantly driving through the neighborhood calling for my lost dog. Ah, the irony. I made modifications to our fence every time our dog exploited one of it’s many weaknesses. Our backyard resembled a prison yard, and still our dog managed to find ways to escape. We considered the electric fence but decided against it. Although effective for many pets, I did not think it would be effective for our dog. Her prey drive is just too strong. Also, I simply don’t like the idea of shocking my pet. After an exhaustive search on the internet, we discovered Pet Playgrounds. They were the only fencing company that specifically focused on fencing for dogs and to our surprise, was willing to take a job anywhere in New England (they are based out of Connecticut and we live in Massachusetts). Victor Boemmels was very professional and provided accurate estimates for the work. They allowed me to visit a fence installation for another client (with her permission of course) so I could see their product in person. At installation they were on time (actually early) and worked hard even though it was November and cold. The hard ground didn’t stop them at all. They incorporated my existing fencing and even trees along the fence line with the new fencing and it looks fantastic. This showed creativity and an understanding that all properties are different. It is much more visually appealing than what I had tried to do. In the 6 months since the new fence was installed, there have been ZERO escapes, and believe me, our dog has tried. I am very thankful what Victor and Pet Playgrounds were able to do for us and would recommend them to any pet owner to keep their pet safely in their yard.” 

– Dr. Adam Boardman

[alert type=”muted”]About Dr. Adam Boardman
Dr. Adam Boardman is a 2010 graduate of Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, a member of the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) and the MVMA (Massachusetts Veterinary Medical Association). [/alert]


Stephanie Williams, CPDT-KA

Stephanie Williams, CPDT-KA is a certified dog trainer and along with her partner Fran Zelladonis, CPDT-KA operate Pawsitive Partners based in Hamden, CT. Stephanie is not only one of our customers, but she has also helped some of Pet Playgrounds’ team members with their dogs and has done a fantastic job. Take a moment to read Stephanie’s blog post about her experience with our fencing system.

The pair has also been on our podcast, Our Dog Show, answering questions that came from our viewers.

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Emails & Letters

Thank you for your awesome support and product. As you can see in the attached pictures, Mya (black dog) and Nicci (white dog) are finally enjoying their backyard for the first time ever this past Sunday afternoon, April 19. They are 6-month old Italian Greyhounds (litter-mates actually) that we got in late December. Due to the winter, and then having to wait for sod installation after completely redoing the septic drain field in the backyard, it took until last weekend before I was able to install your fencing system. I started on Saturday morning and by Sunday noonish, I was done. Then, Mya and Nicci ventured outside for the first time and enjoyed themselves. The fencing is about 245 linear feet and encloses over 6500 sq. feet of yard for them to run, play, and of course finally learn to potty outside. Thanks again for everything!!

 – Robert Grand

I did a lot of research before choosing a pet playgrounds dog fence kit. I am so glad that I did. This fencing is fantastic because my dogs are safe and I am not restricted to feeling boxed in by an enclosure. I enjoy my acreage and the wildlife and looking at it and not a fence. From the house, I can’t even see the fencing because it fades right into the woods. My son and I put it up in 2 days and it is a 600 foot fence with 2 gates. My neighbor showed me how to put the gates together because he was familiar with the hardware. The twist ties work fantastic and the ringer gun made it fast, it was a breeze. I LOVE MY FENCE. THANK YOU PET PLAYGROUNDS.

– Irene, MI.

Pet Playgrounds installed the MAX Strength Dog Fence in our backyard.We tried to use an Invisible Fence to keep our two-year-old German Shorthaired Pointer and three-year-old Pit Mix in our yard. It didn’t work–not even a little bit. When we told Pet Playgrounds this, they were more than accommodating–especially when we stressed that the Pointer is a TSA Explosive K9 and we CAN’T have him getting loose. So far, the dogs have LOVED LOVED LOVED having their own personal dog park in our backyard. The MAX Strength was definitely the way to go as both of our dogs are chewers and Houdinis. They can’t break through the fence. They can’t chew through it. They can’t jump it. They’re totally safe and confined to the backyard. It’s fantastic. I’d highly recommend Pet Playgrounds to anyone interested in keeping their dogs in their yard. It’s way less expensive than a traditional fence and it’s far more reliable than an electric fence.

– Tiffany, New Jersey

I just wanted to share with you how much we enjoy our new hybrid fence.  As you know, our dog, Rex, is an almost 2 year old pitbull.   Before the fence, we had trouble keeping him under control and the winter made it very difficult to consistently exercise him.  Even though I walked him regularly every day and more often when he could not run of his energy.  As a result, he was more territorial and would not listen when left in our unfenced yard.  Now with the hybrid fence, he has his own space and we can always exercise him.  It has also helped him walk more calmly because we can burn off his energy playing ball before we walk.  His trainer has noticed a huge improvement and I owe it to your fence.  He is less territorial and enjoys going out and even just sitting in the yard.  Thank you again for the quick yard set up and providing a haven for my dog.


This fence is wonderful! We have a new German Shepherd puppy and wanted something more secure than an electric fence, which we had with our previous Shepherd. We priced chain link fencing, which was over twice the cost and, in our opinion, not at all attractive. This fence is barely visible and blends well with the landscape. Now our dog has lots of room to run and we do not have to be concerned about her getting out of the yard. We also hope that the fence will keep the deer out, which would be a big plus. Additionally, it gives us the option of taking in rescue dogs should we choose to do that. Pet Playgrounds was very responsive and the job was done promptly after we signed the contract. they also offered the great suggestion of extending the fence into a wooded area of our property beyond our yard which gives the dog more room and puts that portion of the fence completely out of sight. The crew moved wood and trimmed back bushes at no additional cost. I highly recommend Pet Playgrounds to anyone seeking secure a yard for a pet at a very reasonable cost.

– Sally DeLoughy

Thank you for making the adjustment to the gate of our dog fenced yard.  It is amazing that after three years you don’t hesitate to come back and help us out.  I am still so excited about having the dog park at home.  With two small dogs living in coyote country, the security is so important for their well being.  They can be off leash, run around, play and still be safe thanks to the great fence you installed, we really have not touched it.  I would highly recommend Pet Playgrounds to everyone who wants to keep their dogs safe but still allow them to run free and be dogs! Thank you!

– Rhonda from Weston

Just wanted to let you know that pet playgrounds has been a big improvement for us. Previously our young lab/springer spaniel mix had been tied up outside or in a 12X12 fenced kennel, now he has the whole backyard. fenced in and he loves it. He’s an athletic dog and my daughter can now do elaborate tricks with him – he can literally jump through hoops and we don’t have to worry about him getting into trouble. Bentley can even have other dogs over for playdates! We where going to do an electric fence but glad we did your dog fence system instead and I can barley see it from my house, thanks again.

– Mary Fortier

Pet Playgrounds turned out to be the perfect solution for our rescue.  We have a pit bull who does not like cats and would have run straight through an invisible fence to chase one.  With the Pet Playgrounds fence, she can run free in our backyard without us having to worry.  And she loves it!   We love it because you cannot see it and it was affordable.  It really is the perfect dog fence,  I am so glad we found them. My husband and I installed it in a weekend using only a couple of posts. The way that it can use some trees with a few posts made it really easy.

– Katie S, MA

We recently rescued a coonhound from Eleventh Hour Rescue.  He is full of energy and loves to run around.  We tried off the leash training with him and it worked for a couple weeks but then he started going out of his boundaries and we live next to a busy highway.  We knew we had to do something to secure him in the backyard.  We did a lot of research and found Pet Playgrounds online and liked what we saw.  We asked for a quote and got the ball rolling.  The fence was installed yesterday and we love it.  The installers are very professional and good with dogs too.  Levi is having the time of his life running free in his yard now and we don’t have to worry about him running into the road.  Thank you so much for your wonderful service and weI will definitely suggest Pet Playgrounds to anyone looking to fence in their yard for their pets.


– Dan and Michelle Kelly, NJ

With help from my daughter and her family we finished the fence on Saturday. It looks wonderful and the dogs were able to be out without leashes for the first time in nearly a month. I know you and David spoke often. I’m very proud of his efforts on this project and grateful that you were so available for support. Now we can support Pet Playgrounds. You have a fence that people in Rhode Island can see before deciding to purchase. Thank you.

– Mary


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