About Us

Pet Playgrounds was founded in 2008 with the sole purpose of providing dog owners with an affordable and reliable way to contain their dog on virtually any property. Unlike invisible electric fences that only attempt to keep your dog in your yard, our physical dog fence stops predators – like coyotes from entering your enclosure. Today, Pet Playgrounds continues to push the envelope with our unique materials, and assembly methods to create the perfect dog fence for your dog. We work with many rescue organizations and help them with their fundraising efforts. We have had our fence tested by PETA, we are member of the ASPCA. We pride ourselves by knowing that Pet Playgrounds makes the safest and most reliable REAL dog fencing system in the world.™

Our Team

Victor Boemmels has had a love of dogs from a very young age. He had his first puppy when he was nine, and he became a dog lover instantly. Unfortunately, his new puppy had escaped from his family home and was hit and killed by a car. It was devastating, but it inspired him to engineer an affordable yet incredibly effective dog-specific fence. Victor found that having a secure fencing system allowed him to train his dog freely – without the worry that his dog would run away while she was off-leash. Before long friends and family asked Victor for a fence to help keep their dog safe and Pet Playgrounds as born. Victor became so good at training his dog, Goya (pictured below) that the duo has awards for their agility acts.






Vinny Tonangi comes from a web development, marketing and operations background and currently maintains all of our digital properties and advertising. He has two dogs, Sammy and Summer. Both were rescued from Connecticut Pet & Rescue. He has had a love of dogs since he was a small child and his family rescued their first dog when Vinny was in 5th grade. Peppy was a 5 year old miniature American Eskimo who was given to a shelter after his owner passed away. Vinny’s love of dogs has given him the passion to constantly find ways to help rescue organizations find new dog parents.

Vinny and his dogs






Rafael Cornier is an artist and has helped Victor design our robust and effective dog fence. He is also our master installer covering several states in the Northeast. His attention to detail and dedication to excellence has made Pet Playgrounds constantly improve materials and our installation methods. In his downtime, Rafe likes to spend time with his wife, his daughter and his dog, Fredo, that he rescued from Puerto Rico.