How does our Dog Fence work?

Our non-electric Dog Fence Kits have 12 individual components. They are REAL physical fences that can be assembled by any homeowner or Pet Playgrounds Installer.

Our fence acts as a flexible net that prevents dogs and other animals from climbing. The bottom material is flared in towards you and secured with unique ground stakes to create a dig guard. You don’t have to dig any holes, mix cement, or make any changes to your landscape.


The 1st step is to measure your yard.

By asking customers to measure themselves, we are able to save $450 on every Dog Fence. Every penny saved is passed on to you.


How do you measure?

  1. Walk the area you want to enclose
  2. Count your steps
  3. Multiply your steps by 2.5x

It’s that easy. Watch the video

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What comes in a Dog Fence Kit?

Our Dog Fencing system has been designed to use your home as one side of the fence. Trees, storage sheds, and garages can be used as replacements for fence posts. This saves you money and makes installation easier.

How fast can I get my kit?

Our Dog Fence Kits take 10 days to reach you.


DIY Dog Fence Kit

Gates are optional. We have 5, 8 and 14 ft. wide gates.

Dog Fence Kit includes

  • No-Dig Sleeves & Driving cap
  • Fence Posts
  • Round Post Collars
  • Steel Tension Cable
  • 2 Corner Post Brace Kits
  • 1 Start & 1 Stop Corner Post Brace Kit
  • Polypropylene Mesh
  • Rubber Coated Welded Steel Wire
  • Ultra-Hold Ground Stakes
  • Cam Locks (Gripples)
  • Hog ringer tool with D-rings
  • Threaded Eye Loops
  • Galvanized Nails
  • Magnetic Level
  • Wire Snips

You will receive a NO-DIG sleeve for every fence post allowing you to “Say Goodbye!” to post hole diggers or shovels! Our NO-DIG sleeve system is what makes it possible to install your Dog Fence without digging or using cement.

no-dig sleeves

To use, simply place the driving cap on top of the sleeve and pound it into the ground with a sledgehammer. The Fence Posts will easily slide right into the NO-DIG sleeves so you never have to dig a hole. Traditional fences require a post every 8 feet, our system only requires a post every 20-25 feet which makes installation a breeze.

fence sloped rocky yard

What if you try to install a no-dig sleeve and hit a large rock? No problem! Just move to another location that is 2-4 feet in another direction and try again. It’s that simple.

driving cap fence

A driving cap is a simple tool that is placed on top of your no-dig sleeve so you can use a sledgehammer to pound it in the ground.

Our black powder coated galvanized steel fence posts measure 1 5/8” in diameter. They are built to last in the harshest weather – from Arizona to Canada. Each post is a foot taller than your finished height so they can be inserted in each NO-DIG sleeve.

  • 4 foot fences have posts that are 60 in.
  • 5 foot fences have posts that are 72 in.
  • 6 foot fences have posts that are 84 in.
fencing posts
Dog Fence post collar

This feature is exclusive to Pet Playgrounds. Our competitors require you to drill holes in every fence post, a time consuming task. With our design you simply slide the post collar on each post and tighten it by hand. Later, you will easily slide the braided steel cable right through pre-installed threaded eye loop (also called an eye lag).

Our 12 gauge, black, PVC coated, braided steel tension cable has a been tested to withstand 1,200 PSI of pressure. When it comes time to install the tension cable, simply feed it through threaded eye loop of every post collar.

Our competitors offer a weak monofilament cable because they are repurposing cheap garden fencing materials. We don’t believe in protecting your pup with garden fencing. We believe in keeping your dog safe!

dog fence top and bottom cable

Your Dog Fence Kit will come with (2) two Corner Post Brace Kits, (1) one Start Post Brace Kit and (1) one Stop Post Brace Kit.

Post Corner Kits for Dog Fence
If you are NOT using your house to complete one side of your enclosure or if you have more than four 90° angles, you’ll need to order extra post corner kits.

Most customers do not need to order this additional component, but this option is available in Step 3 of our Ordering Process.

Our 1,100 pound break strength Polypropylene Mesh uses a patented process that makes it both incredibly strong and remarkably flexible. The strength prevents your best friend from chewing through and the flexibility stops your dog from climbing over. Traditional fences (like chain link fences) act like ladders – and actually help dogs climb. Our Dog Fence eliminates that possibility.

What are you looking at? This clip shows how our fence moves when dogs (or predators) try to climb it.


What does this video show? 
We wanted to show how strong and flexible our fence is, but we didn’t want to harm any dogs in the process. So, we asked Vinny, who is 220 pounds to get into a dog suit and run into the fence at full speed. This shows how strong and flexible our fence really is – and why it’s 98% effective.

Did You Know?

Invisible Dog Fences fail 30% of the time.Find out why underground electric dog fences just don't work.


Our Rubber Coated Welded Steel Wire is the main component of the dig guard. At 1,800 PSI of break strength, it’s nearly impossible for animals to bite, rip, or tear through. After installing it is easily secured in place by using our zigzag shaped ground stakes.

dog fencing material

  • Connector.

    Why is the fence strength so important?

    Dogs have powerful jaws, but they don’t just bite. They pull, twist, shake, and use their body weight as leverage. Dog bites can measure upwards of 800psi alone, now add in the additional force of their body weight plus any movement and the pressure they exert can approach 2000psi. Our fence can withstand 2,900psi, which is perfect for most dogs. Strength is important because your dog is important.

  • Connector.

    But my dog can get through anything!

    You know your dog better than we do. If your four legged friend is so relentless that it will spend hours on end chewing, ripping, pulling and tearing anything that stands in the way of what it wants, then our MAX Strength fence will provide you the peace of mind you need to be confident that your buddy can’t get loose. Our MAX Strength kit adds a 3rd layer of protection making it even more difficult to grip and able to withstand up to 4,000psi

Standard vs. MAX Strength

our max strength dog fence

If 1 foot of this material is used on the ground, does that mean my 6 foot tall fence becomes 5 feet tall?

No. The Dig guard does not diminish the height of your fence. The finished fence height will be exactly what you order.

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These 12″ ground stakes secure the dig guard to the ground and prevent dogs from digging under the fence. The unique zig zag shape provides for a firm hold in the soil, and the ¼” thick galvanized steel means the stakes are strong and resistant to rust.

dig fence ground stakes

We’ve partnered with PayPal to make our Dog Fence even more affordable.

Dog Fence Financing through PayPal

NO Payments & NO Interest for 6 months

  • Get a credit decision in seconds
  • No Annual Fee
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We’ve partnered with Gripple to provide you with the easiest way to attach and tighten our cabling system. Making the cable tight isn’t normally easy and requires a lot of physical strength or a special tool. These Cam Locks contain small ceramic rollers that make the job simple. Just something we’ve learned over the past 10 years while providing reliable and affordable dog fencing systems.

We include a Hog Ringer (Hog Ring Plier) in every kit. It is lightweight and has rubber grips to allow you to easily fasten the small D-Rings with one hand. This secures the fencing material to the tension cable. You will receive the appropriate amount of D-rings for the length of kit that you order.

Dog Fence Hogringer

If you want to use trees, sheds, or other structures as replacements for fence posts, these threaded eye loops (also known as eye lags) can be quickly and easily installed saving you time and money. You will receive (4) four threaded eye loops for every 100 linear feet you purchase.

Eyelags for post replacements

We include rust resistant galvanized Nails and a Magnetic Level in every kit. Just like hanging pictures, sometimes we need help determining whether or not it’s straight (plumb). These tools will help you will plumb your posts.

dog fence finishing nailmagnetic level

Our gates come in 3 different widths: 5 foot (standard), 8 foot (wide), and 14 foot (driveway). A 5 foot wide gate is enough for most commercial lawn mowers.

dog fence gates

You can choose multiple gates with different widths when you customize your Dog Fence Kit or you can choose not to get a gate at all. If you want a gate size that we don’t offer, you can cut them down to your preferred size with an affordable reciprocating saw.

Our standard Dog Fence Kit has been engineered to withstand up to 2,900 pounds of pressure, which is perfect for most dogs. However there are some breeds (and some individual canine personalities) that seem to chew and destroy just about everything. For these dogs we added a third layer of protection: our 19 gauge, steel, vinyl coated, welded wire netting. This is used in combination with our two standard fencing materials, enabling the fence to withstand up to 4,000psi of pressure – making it virtually impossible to ever bite through.

You can choose this option in the 3rd step of our Ordering Process. Our MAX Strength Dog Fence Kit is 6 feet tall and is $10.50 per linear foot.

3 main components of our MAX Strength Dog Fence Kit

Our standard dog fence can withstand up to 2,900lbs of pressure per square inch (PSI). Most chain link fences can only withstand 1,000 PSI, Wood fences 550 PSI and Vinyl withstands even less!  We’ve seen falling trees that couldn’t even break our fence. It’s THAT Strong – but, if you have a relentless canine that will spend hours chewing, ripping, pulling and tearing at anything, our MAX STRENGTH fence is exactly what you need.  We added a 19 gauge steel vinyl coated netting material to our existing layers of fencing to provide the ultimate in containment.


Still have questions?

You can schedule an appointment. We’ll call when it’s convenient for you.


Our step-by-step installation video covers every detail that you may encounter during your install. If you are trying to decide whether to request a professional to install your kit or to assemble it yourself we suggest that you watch the video to make the right decision.

Don’t want to watch the entire 18-minute How to Install a DIY Dog Fence video? Skip to the Installation Chapter that interests you.

Prefer a professional to install your fence? Great!

Pet Playgrounds has partnered with certified installers nationwide.  Installers charge $6 per foot, and $175 per gate. Find the installer wait time for your region by entering your zip code.


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