dog shamed for digging under fence

How to Stop your Dog from Digging Under your Fence

Victor Boemmels Digging, Dog Training, General

One of the most frustrating things to deal with as a new dog parent is an escape artist dog. Many dogs are rehomed or end up in shelters because their families can’t stop them from digging under or climbing over their fence. Depending on your breed your dog may be digging for a variety of reasons. Terriers, for example, are hard-wired to dig and search out prey. Your terrier doesn’t have to be a big dog to cause a problem. Terriers that are only 20-25 pounds are super athletes and can easily jump over a standard 4 foot tall chain link fence – in addition to digging under your fence. We recommend a 6 foot tall dog fence. The most effective way to stop a dog from digging under your fence is to physically prevent your dog from doing it. This is what certified …