Save thousands and assemble it yourself.

A couple from Colorado purchased our DIY Dog Fence Kit and installed 900 linear feet of fencing on their rocky Colorado land for their 2 awesome dogs. Watch their personal experience assembling our DIY Dog Fence Kit.


How much does it cost?

  • 4 foot fences are $6.50 a foot
  • 5 foot fences are $7.50 a foot
  • 6 foot fences are $8.50 a foot

What do most people buy? The most commonly purchased kit is approx. 200 feet of our 5 foot high fence with one gate for $1,700  – shipping included.  The 1st step is to measure your yard.
If you wanted to get this same 200 linear foot kit installed professionally, your total cost would be $3,075.

Compare how much you can save. Use our fencing calculator to find out how much you can save with a Pet Playgrounds Dog Fence compared to traditional fences like chain link or a decorative wood fence.


Order your Easy DIY Dog Fence Kit

Want your Dog Fence professionally installed instead?

We provide installation services nationwide for any kit over 200 feet in length. The cost for installation services is $6 per linear foot and $175 per gate.

Find the wait time for your region, by entering your zip code.


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Still not convinced?

Here is our step-by-step video tutorial so you can learn how to build your own DIY Dog Fence Kit. Don’t want to watch the entire 18-minute How to Install a DIY Dog Fence video? Skip to the Installation Chapter that interests you.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Dog Fence

Many pet parents think they need an installer’s help to decide where their fence should be installed, but that’s simply not the case. Since our fence does not need to be installed in a straight line, does not require cement or digging layout changes can be made on-the-fly.

How do you measure?

  1. Walk the area you want to enclose
  2. Count your steps
  3. Multiply your steps by 2.5x

Once you measure your yard, you can get an immediate on-screen quote and purchase your kit right here on our website.

VERY. Our standard dog fence can withstand up to 2,900lbs of pressure per square inch (PSI). Most chain link fences can only withstand 1,000 PSI, Wood fences 550 PSI, Vinyl even less!  We’ve seen falling trees that couldn’t even break our fence. It’s THAT Strong.  Still don’t have you convinced? Do you have a relentless canine that will spend hours chewing, ripping, pulling and tearing at anything that stands in the way of what it wants? Our MAX Strength fence is all you need.  We add a 19 gauge steel vinyl coated netting to the existing layers of fencing to provide the ultimate in containment.

What you are seeing here is a tree that has fallen down on a Pet Playgrounds Dog Fence after a hurricane and how it was repaired in just minutes. See the how our fence compares with traditional fences after a storm here >

Let’s compare what happens when a tree falls on wood or chain link fence compared to a Pet Playgrounds Dog Fence.

With just $85 of parts and 20 minutes of time, a Pet Playgrounds dog fence can easily be repaired. It could cost thousands to fix a wood or chain link fence.

Our kits take 10 days to reach you. We ship your kit via FedEx in numerous boxes, but some of the packages are oversized. Even the smallest kits are at least 250 pounds, which means using a faster shipping method is cost prohibitive.

However, something to keep in mind is that if you call most traditional fencing companies they would require at least 14 days to schedule your install and your dog will still likely be able to escape  and many times when an installer runs into a boulder or another obstacle they will charge you more – we don’t.

It can help to have something tangible in your hand. That’s why we’d like to give you a sample that comes with a free consultation with an Pet Fence Expert.



We’ve partnered with PayPal Credit to offer our customers financing. Simply, fill out the application then select PayPal as your payment choice during checkout. You’ll know in seconds if you are approved. Order today and receive your dog fence kit in 10 days or less.


Think an invisible wireless underground dog fence is cheaper than out DIY Dog Fence? Well, it’s not. Let’s compare the costs of both.

It is impossible for us to guarantee that our fence will be 100% effective all of time. We have measured the effectiveness of our dog fence for the past 10 years. Running the numbers with the customers that have provided us with feedback shows that our fence fails about 2% of the time. Keep in mind that invisible underground electric wireless fence systems fail 30% of the timeand our DIY Dog Fence Kits are actually cheaper than getting a invisible electric fence.

Still have questions? Schedule an appointment with a Dog Fence Expert.