A new way to help measure how many linear feet you need for your Pet Playgrounds Dog Fence

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For the past 10 years, homeowners and renters used our simple walking method to help measure their yard so they can find out how many linear feet they need to order. Now, that most of us have smartphones there is an easy and free app to help you measure your yard. You can easily measure without breaking out a ruler. Walk the perimeter of the area you want to enclose, counting your steps the whole way. Multiple your total steps by 2 ½ and that’s the amount of linear feet you need.


How much fence do I need for my dog?

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This is a question we are asked almost every day. For most breeds we recommend a 5 foot tall fence and a minimum of 200 linear feet of fencing. While we offer kits as small as 100 linear feet, these were designed primarily to be used as expansion kits for existing customers and for smaller dogs (like a shih tzu).  A small 100 foot dog fence kit does not provide enough area for most dogs to run and play, and therefore your dog will constantly try to dig, climb and chew his or her way out of the small enclosure. This concept is difficult to understand, but here is a diagram to help you visualize the exponential difference in space you can give your dog when you purchase 200 linear feet instead of a 100 linear foot kit. As you can see with the …

Dog Fence Easy Ordering

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Most fencing companies have arbitrary pricing schemes based on many different situations and regions. We don’t. The pricing for our fencing system is the same for all customers. You don’t have to go through an arduous process calling different fencing companies to compare and negotiate a price that works for you and your dog. Here’s how easy it is to order from Pet Playgrounds: 1st step: A homeowner (or renter) measures how many linear feet they would like to order. This is done by simply walking the perimeter of your yard and counting your steps as you walk. Then you just multiply the total number of steps by 2.5. This process is thoroughly explained in our short video, which you can watch by going to petplaygrounds.com/measure.

Dog fencing pricing

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One of our most common questions is “How much will it cost?”. We believe in complete transparency in our pricing and that’s why we created a tool where you can see the exact price of your kit and optional installation services. Our prices are based on height and length. In the first step you’ll choose your height. In the second step you’ll select the length. Our kits start at 100 linear feet and come in 50 foot increments. You’ll notice as you use the slider the pricing and options you have selected will update in real time. You can see so far that we’ve selected a 6 foot tall / 250 linear foot kit. Once you click the green button, you’ll reach the next step where you can choose your gates (if you want any), and extra post corner kits (which …

What is a corner post?

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A corner post should be used on a 90 degree corner to join two lines of fence. Corner posts can be used for odd angles where the angle is closer is between 45 and 90 degrees. An angle of 45 degrees may require a corner post, depending the tension of the cable. Additionally, If you do not want to attach our kit to your house and are creating a free standing enclosure you’ll need to add 2 extra post corner kits to assemble your kit. The video describes this process as this is the most common use for corner posts. [fve]https://vimeo.com/173953337/[/fve] The principle of bracing a corner post is simple. Do to leverage, the greatest tension on the post is along the horizontal wire furthest from the ground. Using a brace kit we are able to transfer that tension back …

We’ve upgraded our dog fence!

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Pet Playgrounds is continually researching, and reengineering our kits to be easier to install, and to perform better. We’ve upgraded one of our main components of our dog fence kit. Our fence is made up of 2 core materials, our 1000+ pound break strength polypropylene mesh and our NEW 1800+ pound break strength rubber coated welded wire. This new material has replaced the older 18 gauge metal hex wire that we used to use to form our dig & chew guard. Watch our video to learn more.

Temporary Dog Fence

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Are you a renter or a homeowner looking to move soon? Great! Pet Playgrounds has an affordable physical dog fence system that you can take with you when you move. Our fence is perfect for renters, homeowners in a HOA (Home Owners Associations) and anyone else that needs to move or modify their fence. Why?  Watch our FULL installation video to learn more. You can skip to the section How to Take the Fence with You to see how easy our fence is to move.

The flexibility of a Pet Playgrounds dog fencing system

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Our Pet Playgrounds dog fencing system is so flexible that it can be used in a variety of ways.

This customer already had a decorative fence but it wouldn’t keep her beagle mix in the yard, so we installed a Pet Playgrounds non-electric dog fence kit and left her decorative fence completely in place!

In another installation we had a customer that had a decorative iron railing system but it didn’t wrap around his entire property. So we took care of finishing enclosing his property for him. We highlighted our fence here so you can actually see it. It really is nearly invisible.

Have a rock wall? Not a problem! Our fence can be installed without removing your beautiful rock wall. It’s so flexible it can installed virtually anywhere.

These are just some of the ways you can install your Pet Playgrounds dog fence kit, or one of our professional installers could do it for you! Call us at 1-800-985-9202 for more information, or start shopping now!



Need financing? Make no payments for 6 months!

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Pet Playgrounds is THE best way to let your dog run free, and we recently added a Cat Conversion Kit so you can now keep your cats and your dogs on your property. We are the most affordable and effective dog fencing solution. Still have questions? Call us at 1-800-985-9202 anytime and one of our Pet Fence Experts will help you choose the best kit to contain your dog or cat.

 7 Reasons why you should select a Pet Playgrounds non-electric dog fence

  1. Pet Playgrounds offers REAL climb, dig, and chew protection for any breed.
  2. It is nearly invisible. Stepping back just 10-15 feet makes the fence virtually disappear.
  3. It’s the most affordable fencing option to protect your dog.
  4. It can be installed virtually anywhere – by anyone, on any terrain even over rocks, tree roots, and uneven land.
  5. Unlike wireless electric fences that might harm your dog, Pet Playgrounds fences keep other critters out as well as ensuring that your dog does not runaway.
  6. All materials last for 15-20 years and are virtually maintenance free.
  7. Our non-electric dog fence kit has been field tested by PETA, and they loved it! We know you and your dogs will too!


MAX Strength (6 Foot) DIY Dog Fences now available

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All of our DIY Dog Fence Kits, whether they are 4 foot5 foot, or 6 foot come with REAL chew, dig, and climb protection, however there are some dogs (and some breeds) that are particularly challenging to contain. This is when you would select a MAX strength 6 foot dog fence kit. Our MAX strength dog fence kits have a third outside layer of 19 gauge steel vinyl coated welded wire netting that makes chewing virtually impossible. When these three materials are combined it creates a MAX strength dog fence that can contain even the toughest of dogs. 


Our proven MAX strength non-electric hybrid dog fence system uses 3 materials to deliver the maximum protection for dogs that climb, dig, or chew. Our 1000+ pound break strength polypropylene mesh is incredibly strong, yet flexible. Even if a tree falls on it after a hurricane, our fence will pop right back up! Our 18 gauge metal hex wire is used as a combination chew and dig guard, which is bonded to the ground with uniquely shaped kinked ground stakes. Finally our 19 gauge STEEL vinyl coated welded wire netting material is incredibly strong – perfect for dogs that are prone to non-stop chewing. This material is welded with precise automated equipment that ensures a consistently strong bond. 

Advantages of our MAX Strength 6 foot DIY Dog Fence Kits

  • Our 19 gauge STEEL vinyl coated welded wire netting material can be attached to existing fencing (such as post and rail) or can be installed independently with the components included in our MAX Strength Dog Fence Kits.
  • It keeps other critters out such as: coyotes, deer, other dogs, snakes, and small rodents.
  • It is effective, humane and safe to use anywhere. You won’t harm your dog or other animals that attempt to enter your yard.
  • Vulnerable trees, plants, shrubs and landscaping will stay protected from small and large wild animals – especially from nuisance deer.
  • Deer ticks can carry Lyme disease, Tularemia, and Rocky Mountain Fever. Our MAX Strength Dog Fence Kit serves a dual purpose by stopping deer from entering your property, and also limiting the amount of ticks that can infect your dog, other pets, and even family members. 

We have been installing this product for years, and we now are able to offer DIY Kits to the United States and Canada. To celebrate the announcement of this new product line, we are offering FREE SHIPPING for every order that is shipped within the continental United States. Take advantage of this incredible limited time offer.